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BS Programme

BS Programme

IISER Bhopal offers four years BS Programme in Economics for bright and motivated science students who have passed 10+2 with mathematics as one of the subjects. After spending four years in the BS Programme, the students have the option to obtain BS-MS (Dual Degree) in Economics by spending an additional year devoted to courses and a research project.

The programme integrates classroom learning with research. The BS Programme in Economics at IISER Bhopal is science-centric and is designed to enhance and strengthen the science-society relationships. In addition to core economics topics, this programme will cover vast areas of inter and multi-disciplinary subjects to prepare our graduates to pursue careers in academia, industry, policy making and to work at the interface of multiple fields.

The students of the BS Programme in Economics can also earn a ‘minor’ degree in other disciplines after fulfilling the criteria laid down by the respective department. The student has to acquire a minimum of 18 credits in the discipline in which he/she wants to minor (the course MTH201: Multivariable Calculus is a compulsory course for BS students in Economics, and it cannot be counted towards a minor in other disciplines). Departments may further impose additional requirements to minor in their disciplines (for example, crediting certain courses from their disciplines) after due approval of the Senate. The student may seek permission from the DUGC/DoAA for any additional course-load (academic overload) required to meet these criteria.


  • Guidelines for 5th year project work